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There is no competition in the business of saving animals! We are all in it for the same reason, to make the world a better place for all living things!

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Local Partnerships:

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Aprovet Nicaragua, an organization based out of Granada, specializes in public animal health. This organization helps us with all of our large sterilization clinics. Founder and head veterinarian, Lester Tapia, is an amazing and helpful resource to us and we would not be where we are without him. 

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We think of Escamequita Love as our "sister organization." We both share the same goals for our community and we work together in many cases to help the animals.  Escamequita Love started an INCREDIBLE initiative where they empower local women by giving them a job fostering animals, which is so needed in our community. In addition to being a powerhouse in animal rescue, the founders of Escamequita Love are also some of our favorite people and are great friends of ours! 

International Partnerships: 


Peanut Mutter Rescue (PMR) is a not-for-profit organization based in Toronto. We were fortunate enough to collaborate with them in 2021 to rehome one of our rescues, "Skip." With the help of a volunteer, Skip was flown to Toronto and adopted out by PMR. This organization has also sponsored a sterilization clinic with us here in San Juan del Sur.

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SOS Animales wants to collaborate with you!
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We Have Partnered with these Organizations and Individuals in the Past to Host Sterilization Clinics in Areas that Suffer the Most from Overpopulation


The Coburn family sponsored a barrio sterilization clinic in loving memory of their two dogs, Jake and Soji, who sadly passed within the last year. 

On March 31st we hosted this clinic with Aprovet Nicaragua in El Baston, a barrio on the outskirts of San Juan del Sur. We sterilized 100 animals! The community was wonderful and very appreciative of this service. 

The Coburns are wonderful people and are very supportive of SOS Animales. We are very appreciative of them and hope to collaborate with them on other projects in the future. 

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 Northwest Dog Project

May 21, 2021 the Northwest Dog Project sponsored our first barrio sterilization clinic in the Papayal. This is a small community and by hosting this clinic we were able to sterilize almost every animal that lives in the barrio, which has really helped to alleviate animal suffering. 

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